Richard Heurtley

Executive Summary

Richard Heurtley (e-mail) (old picture) is a computer programmer (resume) who lives in a solar-powered log cabin (pictures) in Richford, Vermont (map) (web site) and drives a six wheel amphibious ATV (pictures).

Pictures of my new Marantz Model 2 power amplifiers.

Web Sites Irregular news and Internet services for the town of Richford, Vermont. The chronicles of an annual fishing weekend in Highgate Springs, Vermont.


Elementary computer security
Elementary computer maintenance
How to repair an old-style Sun-Mar Excel NE toilet

GPL code

Washer: A ladder-logic program for washing machine automation
XTroll: A proxy filter for the Reason Hit & Run blog
IR: A controller for the InfraRed Xpander(tm) IR-XP2(tm) device

Non-GPL code

Implementations of the IMAP and SMTP e-mail protocols

Recreational Computing

Fun with temperature charts
Fun with temperature charts II

Literary Works

The Tale of Mariaca the Strong

The Adventures of Princess Jane:
Stories of Princess Jane of the Cloudtop Kingdom:

Chapter 1: Jane and the Beanstalk
Chapter 2: John and the Beanstalks
Chapter 3: Sleeping Handsome
Chapter 4: The Crystal Cave
Appendix: The Adventures of Mr. Richard

MagicSoft: A fan fiction story set in the Harry Potter universe. A brilliant young computer programmer is invited by Professor Dumbledore to go to Hogwarts to try to make computers work in a magical environment. (20681 words, 128KB)

Excerpts from Richard's forthcoming book, "The Secret History of Vermont" are now online! The result of years of extensive research eavesdropping on other people's conversations at the Town Restaurant this sensational book will quickly demolish any reputation Richard has for scholarship and writing ability. Reserve your copy today!