The Tale of Mariaca the Strong

In the early 1400's, before Spain was a unified country, the question arose between an unknown provincial King and his unknown provincial Queen: Who is the stronger? The Christian or the Blackamoor? The King thought it was the former but the Queen thought the latter. They decided to settle the matter once and for all. Each would locate a champion and the two would fight in a public arena.

The King sent agents throughout the land to find his champion. "Who is the strongest man?" they asked at every village. The answer was always the same "Mariaca the Strong." Eventually they came to a farm and saw a man out standing in his field. The agents announced "We seek Mariaca the Strong." "I am Mariaca." replied the man. "The King commands your presence." said the agents and Mariaca was taken to the castle.

In the meantime the Queen also found her champion.

The King wanted his champion to be in the best shape and offered him the finest food and meats. But Mariaca cried "I only eat beans and wine!" The longer Mariaca was plied with meat the weaker he got until the King relented and provided the requested menu. Mariaca quickly regained his strength.

On the day of the fight the arena filled with the Kingdom's quality dressed in their best finery. The Blackamoor was naked and oiled to fight according to the custom of his people. Mariaca was dressed in peasants' garb. The contestants were brought to the ground and the King ordered "Commence!"

But before the fighting began Mariaca shouted back "Your Majesty, where should I dispose of my opponent?" The King replied "The defeated are removed via the waste gate at the back of the arena."

Mariaca and the Blackamoor circled each other preparing to grapple. Then Mariaca extended his little finger, shoved it up the Blackamoor's butt, and effortlessly heaved the Blackamoor to the gate.

"The Christian is proved stronger than the Blackamoor!" announced the King. "Mariaca, what reward would you ask for your triumph?"

"I ask that my family and I be exempt from taxes for all the generations to come." replied Mariaca.

"So shall it be." replied the King.